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Brazzda, Browser game yang diadaptasi dari DoTA 2

Salah satu game browser terbaru, yaitu BRAZZDA. Game ini adalah game browser yang menarik, karena game ini adalah game browser strategi online yang mirip dengan DOTA (Defend of The Ancient), Hero yang digunakan juga sama, tentunya abilitinya yang sedikit diubah. Begitu juga item2nya, mirip dengan DoTA dan tentu saja ada yang diubah. Karena game ini berbasis web browser, jadi, game ini bisa dimainkan dimanapun, hanya perlu google chrome / firefox / browser lainnya.. Tak perlu instalasi apapun.

Di dalam game ini, kalian bisa pilih hero, kemudian naikkan level, ambil/naikkan skill, creeping, mengumpulkan gold, beli item. Tentu saja kita juga bisa war, PvP selayaknya by one di game DoTA. Untuk tutorial umumnya, saya langsung copas dari Tutorial resmi dari adminnya : (sedangkan untuk tips bermain dari saya, ada di bagian bawah)

Saya langsung mengambil tutorialnya dari :

untuk daftar gamenya langsung aja masuk sini : Daftar Brazzda

Berikut tutorialnya :


Welcome to Brazzda.
Brazzda is a browser strategy online battle arena game based on Defense of the Anciets, also known as DOTA. It’s a game where you can upgrade items, acquire abilities for your hero, destroy creeps and collect gold, help your faction win the battles and learn strategy by fighting in the PvP arena to became a Grand Champion!

As you already know, you have a Hero that you picked during registration and you have chosen the side (The Radiant – The Dire). Strenght of your hero depends on his abilities and attributes.

Attributes & Abilities

-Attributes are the main statistics of all Heroes that determine how strong a hero is. There are 3 main attributes: Strenght, Agility and Intelligence. They can be increased by taking attribute bonus when you level up, by buying items that improve them or by using certain abilities.
Beside this 3 attributes we have other things as: Damage, Armor, Movement Speed or Attack Speed.

1.Strength is an attribute that grants health and health regeneration.
2.Agility is an attribute that grants armor and attack speed.
3.Intilligence is the attribute that grants mana and mana regeneration. For each point of intelligence a hero has, their maximum mana increases.
4.Damage is any means by which a unit’s current health can be reduced. Heroes and creeps are capable of dealing damage.
5.Armor is an attribute shared by all units. Armor is used to determine the amount of damage reduction that unit takes from physical damage sources. Higher armor values reduce more damage. Armor is increased by agility, certain abilities, and some items.
6.Movement speed is used to neutralise Attack Speed.
Example: Most of Heroes have 300 Movement Speed at the begginning. If you have Movement Speed at 400 and your enemy has 300 then you neutralise 100 Attack Speed of your enemy.7. Attack speed increases damage you deal.
Example: 100 Attack Speed doubles your damage, 200 Attack Speed triples it etc.
Health Regeneration – regenerates your health during the battle.
Example: If you have health regeneration 5 and you make 1000 damage in battle then you will get 5% of damage you dealt. In this case it is 50 HP.
Mana Regeneration – regenerates your mana during the battle with each hit.

-Abilities are unique skills that heroes have access to on the battlefield. They can be active or passive and they are different for all Heroes. All Heroes have four or more abilities, three or more basic abilities and an ultimate ability, that they can assign ability points to every time they level up. Every level in an ability makes it more powerful, sometimes increasing its mana cost as well.
Abilities can consume mana, and may also be placed on cooldown when used. Abilities that are on cooldown can not be used until their cooldown timer is up, at which point they can be cast again.



ItemsItems are objects sold by shops that provide an ability, bonus or other function not tied to a particular Hero. They come in a multitude of forms and types.
Most items take up space in a Hero’s Inventory, meaning only a finite number can be carried at one time. Recipe items will automatically remove their components from a Hero’s Inventory and Stash when they are assembled. Because of this, strategy and thought is required in the order and selection of items to purchase.
Most Heroes can use most items, but some items will provide no effect or cannot be purchased by some Heroes.
Items may be sold back for only 25% of its price tag at Market.
You can buy items at Market, Agent shop or Store and you use them in Inventory page.

Example of items, when you put cursor on it it will show what does that item provide to you. (In this case Divine Rapier provides +300 damage)

In Brazzda there are 3 types of battles:
1. PvE (Creep Battles)
2. Event battles (The Radiant – The Dire)
3. PvP Battles

1.PvE (Creep Battles)



1. Your hero. Here you can see how much HP and MP do you have
2. Creep. Here you can see how much HP and MP the creep has
3. Items you are currently using
4. Damage you made with hit
5. Reward for defeating the Creep
6. Basic hit
7. Abilities

2.Event Battles (The Radiant – The Dire)
It’s very similar to PvE battle with few differences.


1. Battle Hero on your side
2. Enemy Battle Hero
3.Battle statistic – Here you can see total and individual damage



3.PvP Battles
PvP (Player VS Player) are battles with other players. You can find this option in Factions-PvP Duels page and then press Create. Once someone enters PvP with you the battle starts. You have 30 sec to make your move, you can use regular hit, abiliti or use an item. Battle is same like PvE (Creep) Battle.




This is shown on left side of your screen and it will be shown in every page of Brazzda.(Home page, profile, battles…)1. In first part you can see your name, avatar and private messages (PM) and alters (notifications).
2. Below that there is amount of gold and coins on your profile and name and photo of your hero. You can also see how much health and mana your hero has currently.
3. In this part there are attributes of your hero.
You can see how much strenght, agility, intelligence, damage, armor, movement speed and xp do you have. It is very important for amount of damage that you make in battles.
4. In last part there is link to quest. Finish them to win awards.


In the middle of home page you have this.

1. Events – That is where battles will show up. (Only 3 that will end soon)
2. News – Here you can see Top or Latest news. In Top news part articles will be listed by number of votes they have.


1. Chat – here you can chat with all people who play Brazzda. You can send more messages in short period
2. Shouts – they can be set once in 3 minutes.
3. Friends – just like shouts but here only your friends will see it.And of course we have this bar at the top of the page:

-My Places
Profile – sends you to profile page
Train – takes you to training grounds, important place for upgrading attribbutes
Creeps – this is where you can fight creeps and earn gold and xp
Inventory – place where your items are
Abillities – place where you can see and upgrade your abillities
Crafts – place where you craft new items from the ones you already have


Profile page is a page where you can see everything about your Hero.


There are attributes statistics. Earlier was explained what every of this parts means.


Achivements is part where you can see all the medals on your profile.

There are 9 kinds of medals in Brazzda:

Level Up – Raise your level
Battle Hero – Reach the highest influence in the battle
Media Mogul – Reach 200 subscribers to your newspaper
Society Builder – Invite people to the game and help them reach level 10
Champion – Defeat 100 opponents in PvP
Creep Destroyer – Defeat 200 creeps in PvE
Master Crafter – Craft 100 items
VIP – Collect 200 coins from donationsGrand Champion – Wins first place in a tournament


Items that you are currently using. There will be more about items in next parts of the tutorial.


In this part you can see General Info, Abilities, Donations and Friend list.
There are some information about your history of playing. (PvP points, PvP wins, Defeated Creeps, Crafted Items, Battle Rank)


Training will help you to increase attribute, you can train only once a day selecting and training ground attribute that you want to increase. Each training ground has 20 points, when you spend it the training ground is completed and you can not more increase attributes. To quickly get all the attributes you can upgrade training ground.
Once you’ve done training you can upgrade them.



Every day creeps will reborn on DC. Destroying creeps you get the experience, gold and items. Depending on the faction you are in, will be up only those creeps on the maps that your faction has.
Destroying Creeps will give you xp and gold. Once you destroy them all you can reset them by using Creeps Reborn that can be bought at store for 100coins.
On every 200 creeps killed you are getting medal Creep Destroyer.



The first 6 slots on the top page are active items that has your hero and will be available in PvE, PvP and battles. Clicking on the item from Basic, Upgraded or Special Items you will load item in free active of 6 slots. Or clicking on the item from active items you will unload item. If you need more space, you can buy additional slots for inventory in store.


-AbilitiesFor each level you get the one point, which you can use to improve yourself some of abilities that your hero has. Dark box from 1-25 levels shows when you can upgrade magic.
There was already some talk about abilities so if you want to see it scroll to the top of the tutorial.


-CraftCrafting is used to combine items you currently own in inventory to create new ones.
Items for craft are divided into 7 levels. To unlock the next level you need to craft 20 items.
On every 100th item crafted you are getting Craft Master medal.

    1. 1. Items needed to craft new item
    1. 2. Press craft to combine them
    1. News – All articles
    1. Subscriptions – Articles of blogs you are subbed to


Store is a place where you can buy coins for RL money and items for coins.


-Invite Friends

You can check list of your referals and your referal link here.



Here you can find all the articles that were published.


-SubscriptionsHere you can find all the articles published by blogs you are subscribed to.


Langsung aja : Sign Out Brazzda

Tips untuk main game ini di awal2 :


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